Thursday Techday: August 2

I have been having so much fun exploring a site I found recently called ScootPad. The first thing about it that caught my eye is that it is 100% aligned with Common Core Standards. While I have another year before I must blend CC with my state standards and two years before we are totally CC I'm intending to do some blending this year to help me be more prepared for the changes. The second thing is that it is absolutely FREE. I can afford that! Check out this overview:

Scootpad for grades 1 - 3 was launched in December 2011, and they are planning some major Back-to-School improvements that will launch on August 20th. The one I'm most looking forward to is the free ScootPad App, which I will immediately put on my iPad (also for Android). I've been exploring the Math side of ScootPad, but it also includes Reading. Here is the mission according to their website:

Our mission is to fundamentally change how 
students master foundational skills.

At ScootPad we believe no two students master a skill the same way. Every block of new information needs time to get absorbed in a child's brain. No matter how students are introduced to a skill (teachers, books, videos, games etc.), ScootPad enables mastery through gradual and thorough practice which is personalized to each student - rather than providing a quick fix for problems and gaps. 

Personalized practice drives accelerated learning and self confidence in students. One student and one classroom at a time, our goal is to give students around the world a solid foundation in Math and Reading.

Our Commitment to Students: To enable fun, exciting and challenging learning environment. 

Our Commitment to Teachers: To enable fully automated practice/homework, real-time progress tracking and in-depth assessments so you can enhance your instruction and provide on-time intervention. Most importantly we will save you time so you can focus on teaching! 

Our Commitment to Parents: To provide real-time visibility to your child's progress and proficiency. Most importantly we will make you aware of your child's learning needs so you can help at the right time!

After signing up for an account, I added a fictitious student so I could try it out. I like that problems were not just in one format -- there was a mixture of multiple choice and type in the answer. After going through 20 questions in Unit 1 for 3rd grade I signed in as the teacher and took a look at the reports you can see on your students.  

There are a number of videos available on the site to help you get up and running, and they also offer free webinars on Tuesdays. One nice feature is that they will put together a training video for your school if you request.

I think ScootPad is going to be a nice addition to my computer work station this year. I'm looking forward to trying it out with my students.

Has anyone used it already in their classroom? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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