Saturday Science: August 4

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ne thing we need again and again for our interactive notebooks is a pocket. There are many foldables and mini books that have something on the back, making it a problem to glue them to the page. Last year I solved that problem by having students glue a strip of construction paper to the page like this:

While it worked, it seemed like I was always scrambling to find some construction paper and quickly cut it into strips! So, for this year the better organized me wants to have some nice pockets already made. Here's what the new ones look like:

I made pockets in two different sizes. The large ones work well for the mini books that we use through the year, usually from AIMS.  The pockets can be copied onto card stock or construction paper. The interactive notebooks are a major grade for the kids, and it's important that everything be in there so they will label the pockets. I'm hoping this will help them keep track of their materials so they will turn in an exemplary product at the end of each unit.

We learn about various science tools in our first unit, so I created a set of tools that will go into one of the small pockets. Students label the tool on the front and write how it is used on the back before placing them in their notebooks.

You can download the science tools by clicking the picture.

If you'd like the pocket patterns you can download a document with both sizes by clicking the picture above. I hope they will be useful for you. Enjoy!

If you've followed the notebook progress from the beginning, the tools are on page 9. This year I'm not going to be quite so structured with left side / right side content as I was last year, but I have left pages 6 and 8 blank for students to write on.


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  2. I love the pockets, thanks so much for sharing!!!

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