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I am really missing regular blogging! I have weeks of healing the broken arm ahead of me, but I'm going to try to at least get a post done each weekend until I can get back to my regular schedule. If you are new to my blog, this is a little like me:

Fortunately, not quite this bad :) ! While decorating my classroom during pre-planning I fell and broke my right arm. Believe me, this past week was a bit of a challenge! Students started back on Monday the 20th, so we made it through our first five days.

I have a group of great kids -- two groups, actually, as I team teach. My day starts with science for my partner's class, block, math, lunch. After lunch I have my own homeroom for math and then science. We have early dismissal on Wednesdays, so we don't switch classes until after block and I can get in Social Studies during that time. While I teach 3rd grade now, a few years ago I was teaching Kindergarten -- so glad I never had a broken arm then! My kids have been great about helping out with things that I can't do.

It was a great week of getting to know each other. We are finding that we have quite a few below level kiddos, but we were expecting that from what we heard last year from the 2nd grade team. Quite a few have already been retained in the primary grades and several were administratively placed into 3rd this year. My partner and I already sat down this week to talk through the students and identify those we are sure need to be put on a Progress Monitoring Plan. Interventions start on Monday afternoon and we have a number of kids involved. While we have those few students who we can tell have some challenging behavior issues, overall we think these kids are going to work really hard and make great progress this year. Isn't it funny how fond you can get of these little ones in just five days?

On the first day of school I shared a wonderful book with the kids. "The Girl Who Never Made A Mistake" was a fun way to let them know that it is OK to take risks in the classroom and that we can celebrate and learn from our mistakes.

I purchased the book for Kindle, hooked my iPad to the projector, and was able to show the pictures even with my arm in a sling! Hooray for technology :) This story was a great springboard to my homework policy, and each student received a homework pass to use when they make a mistake and don't have their math homework (they will get one each quarter).


Hopefully I'll be able to handle a camera enough to get some pics of my classroom to share. Since I had just started decorating when my accident happened, it is somewhat unfinished -- blank bulletin boards, labels missing here and there, etc. You know how we like to have everything ready and organized? I've had to let that part go, and concentrate on what is really important! The fun part is that I'll be adding to my room all through the fall as I am able. The specialist says it takes 3 - 6 months to heal, so I decided to opt for the 3 months. That way I'll be feeling pretty good by the holidays!

I want to share a little back-to-school goodie with you - the parent contact log I created at the end of last year. This sits right by my phone on a mini clipboard to remind me to log in phone calls right away (am I the only one who forgets to do that?). Click on the picture to download it.

This week we will start our math work stations, so I created a recording sheet to help my students stay organized. I'm going to share the form with you as a Word doc because obviously you would need to make it fit your classroom. There are 4 pages so that I can use it to group my students. I hope it's helpful. You can download it here.


  1. Thanks for linking up at Manic Monday!
    I team teach Math and Science for 3rd grade too and I ♥love it! I hope your arm heals nicely! :)
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  2. Good for you for opting to heal in 3 months. I hope that it works out for you. Be patient with yourself as you heal. I'm glad that you are so fond of your kiddos so quickly, that definitely makes it easier to work as hard as we do.

    :) Nicole
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