More Place Value

I introduced one of my math groups to the fun of "I Have, Who Has" this week and was surprised that so many of them had never played this little game before. They caught on very quickly so next week I'm going to have them do this little place value one I put together a few months ago. In case you missed it, I thought I'd share it on Friday Freebies this week.

I may be just a bit obsessed with Place Value activities right now. It's one of the first concepts we cover in 3rd grade and each year I seem to have many students whose grasp of hundreds, tens and ones is shaky -- and I'm trying to toss them in the deep end with 6-digit numbers! After completing my Place Value at the Beach games (click the Freebies tab to grab that if you missed it) I decided to continue the theme with an "I Have Who Has" activity using the same numbers. And of course I'm sharing! Click the picture to get my newest game.

I have some other ideas percolating, so I'm sure I'll be revisiting this topic! How about you? Leave me a comment and let me know if your kids struggle with this too and how you address it.

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  1. Thank you and I am your newest follower!

  2. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    LMN Tree

  3. Great idea, Julie! Place value is always a tough one, and extra practice never hurts! Thanks for sharing.


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