Fiction Friday, August 3rd

Something you probably don't know about me -- I LOVE baseball (go Red Sox). Baseball and reading are two of my most favorite pastimes. Sometimes I combine the two! Thought I'd share a few favorites this week.

1. Calico Joe by John Grisham

I just read this last week and enjoyed it so much. While I wouldn't use it with my 3rd graders, I would definitely recommend it in 5th grade and up. It's set in the world of professional baseball but is really a story of family (good and bad), character, and forgiveness. Calico Joe is a baseball phenom who captures the attention of America in the summer of 1973. And then . . . .

2. Safe at Home by Mike Lupica

I read this to my kids a couple years ago and they were very engaged by the story of Nick, who feels like he doesn't belong anywhere. His new (adoptive) parents don't know anything about baseball. Coach has moved him up to the varsity baseball team (he's only a 7th grader and now has to play with the 8th graders!) because of an injury to their catcher. It's a 3rd grade and up book and might catch the interest of a reluctant reader who likes sports.

3. The Prince of Fenway Park by Julianna Baggott

As a Red Sox fan, I know the team was cursed in 1919, when Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees. When they finally reversed the curse in 2004 Red Sox nation was ecstatic. But how did they do it? This novel has a unique answer to that. There is baseball, magic, famous ball players from the past and an engaging 12-year-old hero named Oscar Egg! This is also appropriate for 5th grade and up.

Happy Reading!


  1. I am also a HUGE baseball fan! Unfortunately, I got into baseball watching the Mariners and it has just been difficult to keep up with this depressing. Anyway, I just LOVE baseball books and I'm so happy to add The Prince of Fenway Park to my must read list. It sounds amazing. I always read Babe & Me with my students in a book club and wouldn't this make a great follow-up?! Thanks for linking up!!

    The Teaching Thief

  2. Don't hate me but I just can't get into baseball, sorry. But your book reviews make me want to read about it. I am not sure which of the three I want to read first!?! Thanks so much for the awesome recommendations and reviews!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits


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