Data Collection and Analysis Freebie II

Last month I blogged about my plan to include data in my weekly math warmup schedule (see the post here). That post included a freebie for collecting data to use in different ways in students' math journals. Well, I've just completed another set of data pages. This time each page shows the data in charts, tables and graphs. Students practice displaying data in an alternate way and answering questions about the data shown. Once again I have made 10 pages, or enough for a quarter. This set is intended to complement the first set to give different options. I expect to use pages from this second set first with my third graders since they provide a bit more support for the beginning of the year.

This set is also available as a FREEBIE. If you use it in your classroom I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. I'm sure that once I use these with my own students I'll be developing a third set according to their needs. Click the picture for the download.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your creations! I start back with students next week, so I'll let you know how these worked!

    Teaching Special Kids


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