Thursday Techday: Virtual Field Trips

A few years ago my school began a spring program called "SEM" -- schoolwide enrichment model. One afternoon a week we take the last half hour of the day for students to go to a special activity / class led by our teachers and staff. We start it after state testing, so it lasts for about 6 weeks. My class each year has been Virtual Field Trips. I conduct it in one of our computer labs so each student has their own computer -- I typically will have 10 - 12 students who have chosen this class.

Each year I tell my own students that they are not allowed to sign up for my class :) because we will take some of the trips together. Along with doing them in the lab, we also will sometimes just use our Smart board to travel. Over the years I have developed some tried and true trips, and each year I look for possible new ones. While there are some sites out there that have field trips already prepared, I also like to create my own. If you'd like take your class on a virtual trip, here are a couple I recommend:

  • The Underground Railroad
                    National Geographic Education


 If your district subscribes to Discovery Education the Harriet Tubman video is a great addition to this trip.

  • The First Thanksgiving
                   Tour the Mayflower

                   Plimoth Plantation

Next time I'll share with you a field trip I created that is very popular with my students. We travel back in time to Ancient Egypt. What could be better than mummies?!


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