Thursday Techday July 5th

Hope everyone had a relaxing 4th of July! I decided to not even make a to-do list; just let the day develop with plenty of fun time.

For Thursday Techday this week I have been searching for good sites to find virtual manipulatives for base-10 blocks. I'm fortunate that the online site for our math series has great manipulatives. I have a recording sheet I made that I want students to be able to use both with the hands-on manipulatives and the virtual ones that they can access at computer station. We use Go Math, and sometimes we have trouble with the ThinkCentral site so I decided to search out some back-up sites. Hopefully they will help those of you who may not have a site that coordinates with your math series, too. Here are some I found:

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives This is a big library of manipulatives, not just base-10 blocks. To try out the blocks choose "Number and Operations."

Online Learning Center One thing I like about this is the printable base-10 blocks and place value chart. You could send this home with students who don't have internet access. 

Learning Box The sound effects would bug me, but I have headphones at all my computers so it  would be OK! These are Shockwave and Flash activities, so may not work for some schools.

There are also a few iPad apps that look interesting, but they are not free -- and I try to stay off the slippery slope of paying for apps!

You can check out my (FREE) Representing Numbers in Different Ways activity by clicking the picture. If you would like to use it with different numbers, those pages are also available in a word document by clicking here. Enjoy!

Freebie Fridays


  1. Hi Julie! Another great freebie! Thank you. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  2. H! I am so excited to have found your blog. I would like to award you the One Lovely Blog award. I hope you have a wonderful Friday.


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