Thursday Techday: July 12

Have you used LiveBinders yet? It's an awesome site for organizing online resources -- a kind of virtual 3-ring binder AND it's free (what could be better?). You can keep a binder private or you can share it and give out a link.

The first LiveBinder I made was a collection of resources I found for teaching poetry. At the time, poetry was addressed in our standards but was not included in our core reading curriculum. I searched out ideas on the web and collected them in my binder so I could share with my colleagues. You can see that early effort by clicking the picture below.

I'm currently working on a math-related binder which will be filled with many more resources than that simple effort -- I'll post about that one when it's finished. For today, I want to share a favorite binder filled with digital resources. It was put together by my friend Karen who blogs at Tuesdays With Karen.Click on the picture and check out some of the wonderful resources that she collected.

For classroom use, a LiveBinder could store resources for a student research project or collect sites to use at your computer work station. 

Have your used LiveBinders in your classroom? Leave a comment and share how you have used / might use this resources.

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