Thursday Techday: Glogster

If you are not familiar with Glogster, please check out the educational site here and look at some of the sample blogs. A Glog is a graphic blog and is a creative way for students to make posters.  In past years my students have created wonderful biographical posters as a paperless way to present their research projects. As the teacher, you have total control over your students' content; it is a safe and private platform for their work. Here is a sample that I made to show my students how to make their bio poster. (You need Shockwave Flash, which often doesn't work well in Chrome -- try a different browser if you have a problem)

I've had my account with Glogster for a number of years, first joining back when it was free. Teachers can still register for a free account but it no longer comes with the student management feature. However, if you like the platform there is a "teacher lite" account that gives you up to 50 student accounts at a yearly cost of about $24. I suggest taking the free teacher account for a test drive. A few years ago I received a free Premium account because I am a STAR Educator with Discover Education; that's going to expire at the end of this year but I think I will go ahead a pay for a license so I can keep using this wonderful tool.

Last week I posted about virtual field trips. My trip to Ancient Egypt is accessed through a glog, so I want to share that with you. For this trip I actually created two glogs -- one is just about mummies -- and then put a link on the main glog to the second one.  You can travel back in time here, though a few features may not be accessible to you unless you have an account with Discovery Education.

Are you using Glogster? Please leave a comment about projects you have tried with your class.

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