Monday Made It: July 30th Edition

This week I decided I better get busy getting some of my math work stations prepared. I've snagged so many great freebies this summer to use the first couple weeks. I looked for activities that support my first 3rd grade unit of Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction. Because the first few weeks are all about getting the routines established I chose a lot of 2nd grade activities. I know the kids will benefit from review, and I wanted them to be able to complete most of the work independently as I also start getting small groups up and running during work stations. So for my first made it:
I did a lot of printing! Our school bookkeeper just sent out an email that she is caught up and would like us to drop off laminating so some can get done before the crunch (we go back the week of August 13). I plan to make a quick trip to school on Tuesday and give her enough to keep busy for awhile :)

In June I attended a workshop on our new Social Studies materials. Our trainer showed some pictures from her own classroom and one thing that caught my eye was her exit slip poster. She used poster board and put it up by the door of her classroom. Students would put sticky notes on it. I knew I wanted something like that, so began thinking about how I could use one poster for both my classes. In Florida our 3rd grade is capped at 18 students, so I need to be ready for 36. I decided to combine a Pinterest idea with her exit slip poster. I'm sure you've seen all the ways of using picture frames as dry erase boards (if not, just do a search for lots of examples); I had one in my classroom last year for my student of the week. 

I picked up a 24" x 36" poster frame at Big Lots, only $8 and I had a 25% off coupon. I took it apart and put my background on the cardboard backing, using a dab of glue stick to hold them in place.

I used scrapbook paper that I had on hand and cut 6" x 8" blocks to make my 18 individual spaces. Each will easily accommodate two sticky notes. When school starts I number my kids alphabetically, so to finish I used a dry erase marker and numbered each block.

Very easy, and it will easy to change. Another idea - put a poster size background and draw boxes on the frame to make the individual spaces. This could be done to match any classroom theme. And of course this basic idea could be used for so many things - I originally was going to make a math work station board like this.

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  1. Very cool poster and idea. What goes on the post its? Exit questions you selected?

    1. I like to use exit slips for a quick summarizing question that will tell me if kids are getting it! You can use pretty much anything.

      Math is Elementary

  2. I really like this!! Pinning..... :)


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