Monday Made It: July 16th

It's Monday Made It time! For the first time I want to show you a "home" made-it. In January I started a new hobby - quilting! I have some friends who are quilters and they infected me with the bug. I grew up sewing, but had not done any sewing for years and had never tried quilting. Now I have finished my first quilt top. The pattern is called Disappearing Nine Patch and I have to say I'm really proud of it. I'm also working on a block of the month quilt and some other projects. Here's my finished top:

I just sent it off in the mail to be quilted on a long arm machine; when I get it back I'll just need to bind it. I tell my students that you can't do much of anything without math, and quilting was one of my real world examples last spring!

For my school project I'm going to direct you to a post I published yesterday. I made my own place value circles out of craft foam. It even comes with some free place value charts. Click the picture to see that post.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has been working on! Enjoy.


  1. These are great manipulatives.

    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
    Miss Nelson’s Blog

  2. Wow! That quilt is gorgeous. I come from a long line of quilters, but unfortunately, the talent skipped me! I hope you'll share again when it's finished.

    Inside this Book

  3. Your quilt is so beautiful. I want one for my guest room!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I so wish I had talent to do that. The place value circles are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Learning's a Hoot

  5. I LOVE the quilt. The manipulatives look awesome! What a great idea. I am a new follower.


  6. Place value is my first unit of the school year. What a great manipulative idea!

    Fourth Grade Garden

  7. The quilt is so beautiful. I love the manipulatives. Thanks for sharing.


  8. WOW! I would love to quilt, it's so time consuming! Yours looks AWESOME!
    Rowdy in Room 300
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  9. I love that quilt! I always wish I could learn how to sew!


  10. What a beautiful quilt! There is something about quilts that is so very special. By the way, I am a new follower. I would love to have you visit me and link up on my "Blogs of Inspiration" page.
    Happy Teaching,
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  11. Your quilt turned out fabulous! I'm so impressed.

    The Teaching Thief

  12. You made such a beautiful quilt! Fantastic! I bet those value circles took a while to make. They're very nice!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  13. I want to learn to quilt. I think that would be such a neat ability to have.
    The Idea Backpack

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  15. I love your quilt! You did an awesome job. I started quilting a few years's a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Craft of Teaching

  16. Love both your Made Its Julie! I used to quilt! Loved it when I did it...then stopped because I didn't have time...sad. Love your idea for place value too!!! Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics


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