I'm Off To School

Taking my fantastic 8-year old helper and heading to school this morning. I teach 3rd, she's going into 3rd so she tries things out for me! We were there last week for a special reading event and did just a little work in the classroom, but today I hope to get some major organization done.

Here's what it looked like:

We are getting new computers, so they had moved all the old ones out. I'm wondering if my new ones will be in when I get there today. We did a little work last week -- I moved all my desks into place, and we completely emptied those book shelves because I wanted to move them. Here's the new arrangement:

I had considered moving the teacher desk but it's huge! It has three large pieces and I would have to have the custodians come in to move it. I ended up deciding to leave it as is and move some easier things. I've been in this room three years and had pretty much left it the way the previous teacher set it up.

I'll be sharing some of the "after" pictures later.

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  1. Have fun today! I wish I would have taken before pictures, it would have made the after so much more impressive. Oh well. I hope that you and your helper and able to get a lot done!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits


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