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Conferring With Students During Guided Math

This is an area of Guided Math that I have not been doing consistently or effectively, so a lot to learn here. Sammons reminds us that conferring is an important tool to make our instruction more focused and powerful. Like with small group instruction, it’s important to have Math Workshop operating smoothly so that the teacher can focus on the individual students without having to constantly deal with interruptions. This book is reminding me constantly that I need to take it slow at the beginning of the year and establish my routines. I have a tendency to want to jump right in, so this will require me having a clear plan of how I’m going to start on August 20th!

I was struck by the statement on p. 210: “Management is often easier if teachers crisscross the classroom as they confer. Such a simple thing, but it can make such a difference in helping students stay on task. During conferring student and teacher will share knowledge and students can receive descriptive feedback. This will give students opportunities to extend their learning. 
A great framework for conferring is:

Research Student Understanding
Decide What is Needed
Teach to Student Needs
Link to the Future

To help me start this process, I created a conferring sheet to put on my clipboard. I’m sure I’ll want to revise it once I get started, and I’m sharing it here for those who may have some helpful feedback. Click the picture to get a copy.


  1. I also find conferring difficult. Thanks for the sheet. I think it could help me.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. I love the conferencing sheet you made. Thanks for the freebie and for linking up!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

    1. Thank you for the conferencing sheet it helps give me a better picture of what I need to think about when conferencing

  3. Julie, I really like your conference sheet. Hmmm, I may use it instead of my own! LOL
    I agree with what you said about crisscrossing the simple yet so effective.
    Thanks for linking up.
    Thinking of Teaching

  4. Julie, conferencing is something that I've not been consistent with in math, but I'm definitely going to put forth a better effort next year. I think it will be easier to confer with my students because of the structure of GM and our new math series. Thanks for sharing your conferring sheet!



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