Freebie Fridays

As a new blogger I have mostly shared my items for free (I only have 1 item for sale). Not all of them are in my TpT and TN stores, though. There are several that I just link to in my blog posts. As my follower numbers creep up toward that 100 milestone, I know many of you didn't see those early blogs so today I want to highlight my "Freebies" page here at Math is
Elementary. At least once a week I try to update it with anything new I've done. I'd love to have you browse through and grab anything you can use - just click the picture:

I hope you find something useful - please let me know in the comments! Enjoy!

AND a couple announcements -- I'm watching my FB fan page numbers, 'cause when I get to 50 I'll be having my first giveaway! Also, I'm currently working with The Honey Bunch Blog Design to give my blog a much needed facelift. Looking forward to the unveiling in a few weeks.

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