Data Collection and Analysis plus a Freebie!

Thanks to my participation in the Guided Math book study this summer I am planning to do Math Warm-ups at the start of my math classes this year. Since I teach two classes each day, this can't be the morning work done before the bell rings, so I'm planning to take just a few minutes at the start of each class. I've decided to schedule a different warm-up each day of the week:

  • Monday: number of the day
  • Tuesday: what's next (patterns)
  • Wednesday: math at home
  • Thursday: vocabulary
  • Friday: data
While I know some teachers who like to have students collect data during work stations, I find it disruptive so I have a different plan. I've made some data collection charts which I plan to laminate and post for a couple days at the beginning of the week. I will have students mark an X in the appropriate column and then set the chart aside until Friday. On Friday the chart will go under the document camera and students will organize/analyze the data in their math journals. This has a lot of flexibility, as I can designate a way to organize the data (make a tally chart, make a vertical bar graph) or have students choose. I have a bubble map made for different ways to organize data which students will put into their journals as a reference, and I plan to use it as an anchor chart which will stay up on our wall. Checking math journals will give me a quick assessment to see which students need extra instruction.

I have already created my first 10 data collection charts, enough for the first quarter of the year, and have them as a FREEBIE for you! Just click on the picture to download. 


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  1. This is awesome, thanks so much!!! The data unit come up in our learning schedule after FCAT so I am always looking for fun (and easy) ways to squeeze it in ahead of time.

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. Thanks for sharing your work. Data Analysis is always fun.

    Yearn to Learn Blog


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