Paper Slide Videos

I was first introduced to paper slide videos in a workshop with Dr. Lodge McCammon. I knew right away that my 3rd graders would love making these videos. Working in a small group, they practice and then do a "one-take" video to explain a concept. While older students could definitely write their own scripts and create their slides, I do that work ahead of time when we start out. After they have experience with the process they come up with many suggestions for additional videos and can create their own.

Each group of students will need a narrator, a paper slider and a camera operator. For larger groups you can simply divide up the narration. Here is an example of a paper slide video my students made about the Associative Property of Multiplication. You are welcome to use it in your own classroom. One of my favorite things about these videos is that students do not appear on camera and are not identified in any way, so you don't have the security issues to deal with!

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