How Big Is A Foot?

I LOVE to use books in math class. One of my summer goals is to create a bunch of activities to go with favorite math books. First up is a wonderful book by Rolf Myller, How Big Is A Foot? One of the things I like about this book is that I always used it when I taught Kindergarten and still use it with my third graders! It is an awesome way to talk about standard vs. nonstandard measurment with any grade. In the book, the king wants a bed built for the queen so he measures her with his feet. However, when the little apprentice measures with his feet the bed turns out to be just a bit too small! Reading this book to my students always leads to great math talk.

To help with acting out this story I have created some "feet" for measuring students. I print out several sets and divide kids into groups to measure and record the dimensions needed to build a bed for a classmate. It quickly becomes obvious that not all the beds turn out the right size. 

You can get a copy of the Freebie by clicking here or by going to my TpT or TN store. Happy measuring!

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