Guided Math Book Study

Photobucket Have you heard? There is a great online book study going on right now, and you are not too late to join in. We are reading the book "Guided Math" by Laney Sammons. I ordered my copy from Amazon and had it in just a few days.

Jump on over to Primary Inspired to get started with chapter 1 even if you don't have the book yet. 

After reading the first chapter last night I have lots to think about. Some of my questions are:

1. How does this work with the timeline I am supposed to follow -- teaching a new lesson every day?

2. I teach two classes (same math lesson) each day. That means I don't have "morning work" time with one class. How might I adapt?

3. What will I need to change in my classroom environment to make it numeracy - rich?

So much to think about; I'm looking forward to delving into chapter 2!


  1. I also teach two math classes each day. When the second class arrives,I use the first 10-15 as "morning work" time. I always felt that the second class was lagging behind since I was "using up" some of their time. Maybe this year, I can do a small group during that time as well.

  2. Thanks for linking up! I am so excited to read all of the details in the upcoming chapters!

    Primary Inspired


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