Guided Math Book Study: Chapter 3

This is turning out to be such an awesome book study . . . I am so glad I decided to participate. If you are not reading along there is still plenty of time. The study won't finish until July, so grab your copy of the book and join us.

Click on over to Primary Inspired to catch up with the bloggers hosting each chapter.

Chapter 3 is titled "Using Math Warm-ups in Guided Math. When I had a self-contained classroom I used math for my "morning work" a great deal but when I began team teaching last year I stopped. Not only did I not see half my students in the morning, but I also had a lot of students who just barely made it to the classroom by the tardy bell. I teach at a Title I school, and many of my students take advantage of the free breakfast. I've wondered how to incorporate the math warm-ups into this setting, so I was eagerly anticipating this chapter. 

After reading about the importance of the math warm-ups, I'm definitely going to be incorporating this in the coming year. I will take the first few minutes of each math class for "math stretches." One key thing I learned from the reading was to choose different types of activities each day (I had wondered how to fit everything in each day!). For example, Monday might be a data collection activity, Tuesday patterning, Wednesday number of the day and so on. This would definitely work in my classroom.

This morning I was at a workshop on what's new in the Smart software version 11 and it got me thinking about putting my math stretches on the Smart board - I'm thinking that a notebook with the daily pages. If I create them this year, I could use them over again with any needed tweaking. One more thing on my summer to-do list!

One of my favorite sections in this chapter is the "How did my family use math last night? Math stretch. I talk a lot with students about "real world" math, and this would be a great addition to that. When I began quilting this year I brought in one of the blocks I made and we discussed all the math involved. Students' answers to this question will make a great class book, too.

What are you doing now for Math Warm-Ups? What plans do you have for the future?

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