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One of my readers requested the math station labels freebie in pink and I was happy to oblige. If you are also a pink fan, check it out here.


Organizing Math Stations, Part II

As promised, now to explain the envelopes that go in my math station boxes.

The majority of my math stations will fit in one of these 10 x 13 inch envelopes. I keep tubs of manipulatives and boxes of dice and game markers separately and students grab whatever they need for the different activities. In the photo above I have just written the name of the activity and the Learning Goal on the envelope with a permanent marker (everything we do must have a learning goal in my school!). As part of my organizational makeover I am creating nicer labels for the envelopes. You can print this label here to see the information I put on it.

After gluing the label to the envelope you can laminate, use clear packing tape, or apply clear contact paper to it for durability.

This particular envelope is for Multiplication Bump, one of our absolute favorite games this year! These are created by Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade. Please click on her blog button to check out these great games -- they are under the Freebies tab.

Sunny Days in Second

Happy organizing!


Organizing Math Stations

Do you use math stations in your room? I've always used them to some extent, but this year I got the kids started with them the first week of school and we have pretty much had station time daily. It's been a great way to differentiate math practice for them, but hard for me to keep up with providing meaningful activities. A couple months ago I finally found a method of keeping everything organized and at hand, but as you can see it's not pretty!

Every year as the end of the school year approaches I get the cleaning/organizing bug. I love coming back to work in August with everything neat and ready to go. First I have to purge and reorganize the whole filing cabinet, then I turn my attention to other areas of the classroom. This year it's definitely the storage of materials. Here's what my new system of math station organization will look like.

The labels on my bins are from the "Wild About" series I've been creating to fit the theme of my room. For your own free copy of the Wild About Math labels click here.

I'll be blogging later about how those envelopes fit into the system!

Question: How do you organize your materials?

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